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Do you need professional help in finding your Birth Family? We can help you find your missing Birth Family and guide you through the steps necessary to locate and discretely make contact with your missing family members. We specialize in adoption related cases, and have over 30 years of experience in conducting Birth Family searches for adoptees in search.

Our team is uniquely comprised of adoption triad members who really do understand your reasons for seeking out your personal birth history, and have a proven track record in solving difficult cases.

We are familiar with the laws in all 50 states and the Provinces in Canada and stay informed of changes that may aide in your search.

If you would like our staff to evaluate your request, please submit the following form with as much information as you can regarding your search. Please be aware that by completing this request you are authorizing us to contact you either by phone or e-mail and you agree to receive future communication from us regarding your request, case status or updates on state laws and changes that relate to your search.

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