My husband and I hired Susan and Search Quest America about a month ago to search for his biological father. My husband is a Korean adoptee who lived with his Korean birth mother until he was sent for adoption when he was nine. His adoption records indicated that his father was an American soldier of an approximate age. We had been searching on our own for my husband's father for almost fifteen years, and we had very little information to go on. My husband was born in South Korea in 1970, and we were pretty sure that he was in the US Army, his last name might be Garcia, and that he might have come from California.

Now, Garcia is the Latino version of Smith so that was not particularly helpful! My husband felt it was impossible to find him, like looking for a needle in a haystack. He was also afraid that it would be a waste of money to hire a professional searcher, and we had heard some horror stories of searchers who were unprofessional and sometimes unethical.

In 2014, I bought my husband a 23andme DNA test for Christmas, and he got a second cousin match. The match responded to our message and said he would ask his grandparents about how he might be related to my husband, but he never got back to us. I spent many hours trying to figure out how the second cousin might be related to my husband, but genealogical research using DNA is complicated and we weren't even sure that we were researching the correct person - never mind which branches of the second cousin's family to research.

In 2015 Susan Friel-Williams and I met through an online adoption group, and knowing that she was also an adoptee made us much more comfortable that she understood how to handle this type of search. After two years of searching the DNA information on our own, my husband decided he was ready to search. We hired Susan mostly in an effort to find some closure, to know that we had done all we could to find my husband's father. We didn't expect to hear much, and settled down for a long wait.

Not even three weeks later, Susan and Angela gave my husband the most amazing news. Not only had they figured out who my husband's father was - they had located him and had a current phone number. My husband agreed with Susan's suggestion that she contact his father first, and shortly after she called back to let us know that not only was his father overjoyed to hear the news - he had searched for my husband for years as well. Susan's expertise at searching is very impressive, but just as important is her expertise at handling the first contact, helping reunions to get off to a successful beginning.

I highly recommend Search Quest America for anyone who is trying to search, but especially for adoptees. Susan is honest and professional, and she does not make false promises. The fees are very reasonable and the company is skilled at both traditional and DNA genealogy. Susan is extremely knowledgeable about issues common to adoptee searches and skilled at navigating the complicated and sometimes unexpected situations that often present themselves. Susan, you filled a hole in my husband's heart and set in motion a family's healing. I can't thank you enough.

Kate Mun