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Leslie Able Waite : I found my Father!

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I am 60 years old, and with the undying help from Search Quest America I have found my Birth Father at last!!I found a letter that I wrote my birth mother when I was 32. I asked her to please tell me" Pete's last name.  After not giving up totally, My Birth mother finally GAVE him a last name. She told me my"real" father's name is Pete Ga ... Read More

Search Quest America : Against All Odds: Five Siblings Reunited

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Jonna Dean, of Punta Gorda, Fla., started searching for her biological family when her son got sick. His doctor strongly encouraged her to get more information about her biological family’s medical history.  It was a long journey filled with political roadblocks, financial setbacks, and Mother Nature’s fury.Dean was born in 1963 in ... Read More