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There's Magic in Your DNA: Now what do you do?

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For those of us who are adopted, were born in sealed records states, were foundlings, or don’t know the identity of our mother/father, finding and connecting with our genetic history as well as identifying and reuniting with any living biological family  was often an insurmountable challenge. Four years ago that changed.  All of a s ... Read More

Leslie Able Waite : I found my Father!

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I am 60 years old, and with the undying help from Search Quest America I have found my Birth Father at last!!I found a letter that I wrote my birth mother when I was 32. I asked her to please tell me" Pete's last name.  After not giving up totally, My Birth mother finally GAVE him a last name. She told me my"real" father's name is Pete Ga ... Read More

Traveling Sisterhood of Adoption - Reunited Again!

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Not unlike many adoptees, I spent many, many years wondering about my biological parents. I wondered if they were somehow watching me and if they ever thought about me at the same time I was thinking of them. As I got older and more broad in my thinking I would find amazement in the knowledge that they were out in the world somewhere, underneath th ... Read More

JoAnn DeVita - Tell Me the Truth!

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When Susan asked me to share my entire story, I tried to think of how to start.  I guess it starts with the earliest time I can remember feeling like a square peg in a round hole. I just always knew I didn't belong where I was. I looked different and acted different than my adoptive parents. I believe I was around 10 or 11 when I started askin ... Read More

Search Quest America Dives into DNA: Genetic Genealogy Plus for Adoptees

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Search Quest America (SQA), a leader in reuniting families, is excited to announce Genetic Genealogy Plus, a new service for adoptees. This new service uses DNA and traditional genealogy research to find the family of adoptees with sealed records. Genetic Genealogy Plus is offered by SQA through an affiliation with two leading DNA testing companies ... Read More