I am 60 years old, and with the undying help from Search Quest America I have found my Birth Father at last!!

I found a letter that I wrote my birth mother when I was 32. I asked her to please tell me" Pete's last name.  After not giving up totally, My Birth mother finally GAVE him a last name. She told me my"real" father's name is Pete Gallagher. I was 38/39ish.

OK Yea!! I had a name It wasn't until  the early 2000's that my childhood friend began helping me...she was very good with the computer....We worked very hard to find Peter Gallaghers.

Then Facebook...I live in my birth mother's home town so people that grew up with Nancy knew about me. It became out of control on facebook...one person said that I looked like the Catholic priest..WHAT???

Then one of Nancy's friends from high school lead me to a wonderful lady, Sylvia. Sylvia remembered Nancy running in the rain with an Air Force Man. I found that family and they embraced me. He was no longer alive, but his lovey wife and 2 sons allowed me to buy DNA kits (this was before Ancestry 23&me and FTDNA) the tests were each close to 300$....NO MATCH...Devastation!

I went back to hunting for Pete Gallagher...I hired Omni Trace for big bucks...they found about 14 Peter Gallaghers and told me to write letters to them....Not a bit of help really...My friend found all of those Gallaghers before I hired Omni Trace....Then I hired a PI..paid him big bucks...He was always chasing someone more important than my case...he kind of faded away.

One last try to Hire some Help...I picked Search Quest America. They were honest and upfront with how they work. My contract was for six months...The person assigned to me called my birth mother to see if she could squeeze out the truth. She felt that my Bmother was telling the truth. Still no Peter Gallagher that I belonged to me....My 6 months was moving past the 6 month contract for which I was grateful.

In the meantime I was burning the midnight oil doing my own search...I joined a few adoption search groups and new that I was getting every bit of help that could be given...about a year into my search groups, DNA was the Buzz....Lovely president Susan of Search Quest America saw me on the search groups forums. She contacted one of the group leaders to get me to take DNA...I finally had my DNA in all 3 ponds Ancestry, FTDNA and 23&Me. That was over 3 years ago.

I wasn't getting any close matches....I was working my tail off day in and day out...I was emotionally drained. Then 2 years ago, Susan from Search Quest sent me her DNA Guru, Dave. Well Dave worked tireless for me. He knows how to find people and connect the Chromosomes and cMs...He is AMAZING...I got very discouraged in these last two years. Dave said he would never give up on me and didn't want me to give up either. We went round in circles building my DNA match tree...trying to find my Birth father from my closest match which was a 3rd cousin. Dave would pop in to my email only when he found something...so BOY did I have a rush of hope when I saw SearchQuest Dave in my inbox.

We worked together with the leads he found. He kept my hope alive. We even though a coupe of times that we were on the right tree branch but with out a closer DNA match, it was ..well it felt to me impossible...Dave picked me up off the floor more than once !!

Then it happened...I got a 1C1X removed on Ancestry!!! I gave my match name to Dave and he was able to find my matches family members....While he was finding out all the information about my Match's Uncles and grandfather, I was snooping on Facebook. Together with Dave, Search Quest, and my adoption search group support, I found my Birth father...and he is alive!... I purchased at DNA kit for his daughter...March 30 2016. Her DNA came back half Sibling.

Search Quest America went way beyond my initial 6 month contact that I had with them that began November 25, 2011 !!! Here it is over 4 years later and I am finally found. Dave, Search Quest and my adoption groups never gave up on me...I am grateful...and now I can look in the mirror and see all of me..

Much Love and gratitude.
Leslie Abel Waite

PS...My Birth father's name was NOT the name my Birth Mother gave me.....So see with the help of amazing people and DNA, we CAN find our Roots