For those of us who are adopted, were born in sealed records states, were foundlings, or don’t know the identity of our mother/father, finding and connecting with our genetic history as well as identifying and reuniting with any living biological family  was often an insurmountable challenge.

Four years ago that changed.  All of a sudden we had a new tool to use to overcome those impossible odds.  DNA, specifically autosomal DNA from 3 major companies,, and  Like any magic, methodology had to be written to explore the best ways and the best tools needed to be developed to highlight DNA comparisons between those testing.

It was also a huge learning curve for Family Search Investigators, Genealogists and families who were involved in putting together their own family trees.  To date there are about 100 individuals in the United States that understand the process well enough to counsel others on how to proceed through a DNA Search.  For some time those of us intimately involved in DNA Genealogy talked about something we called Critical Mass.  For us, critical mass meant that enough people would have tested at the three major providers that anyone who did would find living family, close family or distant cousins.  Even those with distant cousins can, with hard work, discover the answers they are seeking.  That time is NOW!

If you’ve done one or more DNA tests but you are still not sure, or don’t have the time to do the research yourself, we offer a relatively low cost alternative working with expert DNA genealogists.

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