Dear David,

 Sixteen months ago, I met you in search of my birth mother, never in a million years did I ever think that I would receive so much information and learn so much about my birth parents and have so many answers to questions that have haunted me my entire life.

 As an adoptee, you grow up with an enormous amount of questions that your adoptive parents can't or sometimes are afraid to answer. My entire life I always wanted to know a name or see a face, I always wanted to know "who do I look like?" I clearly never resembled anyone in my adoptive family.

 In all the cases and television programs I've watched for over 50 years, I always longed for one

of those "Hallmark" reunions. My birth mother obviously doesn't share my feelings, and as hurtful as that was, I finally had a name and a face. What she wasn't willing to share with me, the rest of her family was.

 I now have uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings who have opened their hearts and lives to me. The icing on the cake was when you were able to narrow down who my birth father could have been. Well I received DNA confirmation this past weekend that David Riorden indeed was my birth father, although he's no longer living, I have four incredible brothers who all live in Rochester and are thrilled to know that they have an older sister.

Thank you again David, your time, research and true compassion for me and all people searching for answers is just immeasurable.

 Attached is a picture of me with my sister Cindy (from my birth mother) and a picture of me with my four brothers (from my birth father) All pictured because of you!