Hi Susan!!!!

I am so excited it's you!!!  The last 15 years have certainly been an adventure....starting with meeting my birth family.  My mom, Jeanette Victor (who raised me) went with me from Missouri to Arkansas to meet everyone.  My birth mom, step dad and 5 siblings!!!  And a reunion with aunts, uncles and about 75 cousins!!!  Then I met my birth fathers side of the family with the help of my birth mom Virginia and sister Debbie.  My birth father had been killed in a car accident some years earlier, but I met two more siblings and lots of cousins!!

It has, for the most part, been a true joy.  My mom Jeanette Victor passed away in 2007.  Followed by my step dad in 2012 and my birth mom not quite a year ago.  I miss them all so much; but will never forget how my mom JeanNikki 2ette gave me the vital information I needed to keep searching.  She was such a lovely person who gave me the world.  And my birth mom and I were able to build a strong bond also.  I so wanted her to be able to forgive herself for putting me up for adoption,  I think she did because I told her many times how lucky we both were to have found each other and build such a good relationship!!

Nikki 2ikki 2I just want to tell everyone that's searching to NEVER give up.  I never look back and think "I wish I hadn't done that".  Even though there have been some bumps in the road, isn't that just the way life goes anyway?  I feel blessed every day and am so thankful that I was found!!!!!

Many, many thanks to you, Susan!  I will keep in touch periodically and I wish you good health and happiness so you may continue this incredible work!!!


Nikki J Anderson Victor