From: Date: 2/1/2011 10:23:25 AM 

Subject: Re: Search Quest America (#280094) 

Hi Rob,

Thank you again for the great work you did. You found my sister's birth 
family and they welcomed her in, upon receiving a positive DNA match result. 

I learned that my sister (Mindy's) birth mother died from ovarian cancer, 
a disease that has plagued the family. Sadly, Mindy also died from ovarian 
cancer on January 11, 2011.

Had my parents been more supportive, and if states permitted adoptees to 
be able to find their birth families, deaths such as these would not have 
had to happen. 

We all have medical histories. Had Mindy been privy to hers, she could 
have taken pre-emptive steps in order to have prevented
this occurrence from ever happening.

Nevertheless, I thank you for your persistence and professionalism
in succeeding for me. Mindy did get to view photos of her mother a
couple of months before she died and it meant the world to her. When
I learned that her mother's cause of death was ovarian cancer about
a week before she died, while she was still lucid, I chose to withhold
the information from her, seeing no good reason to tell her at that


Richard M Friedman