It's been a year since you sent me a congratulations letter on my reunion with my sister. I thought I would bring you up to date. My ID Number is 271024 and my name is Diane. Since I last talked with you, I've visited with my sister in person and we make frequent phone calls!!! I'm VERY pleased and happy with the way our relationship is growing!

Meanwhile, the Reunion between she and I has triggered a reunion planned for June with our 2 biological brothers! I've been in contact with them off and on through the years but now that they know of our sister...it has generated a strong desire to reunite with each other (I'm sure that the fact we are all getting older has something to do with it too). This reunion will take place in Wichita Falls, TX. at my home. My sister will be flying in from California, one brother will be flying in from Florida and the other brother will be driving from Missouri. I've contacted our local newspaper and they are interested in the story. I will tell them of your organization at the time of the interview!

Thank you so much for your help last year! I especially enjoyed speaking and dealing with Amy Wallum and a special thank you to Pam Kish who made the initial contact with my sister! 

Sincerely, Diane