Hello Susan,

I know you may have wondered what happened to Sonya and I. Well, we are e-mailing 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I'll get a phone call and all is well. We have not had a face to face yet because of our schedules. 

My oldest daughter and I have reservations to visit Sonya Oct 8th thru Oct 11th. Sonya has sent me many, many pictures thru her growing stages to the present. My goodness the older she became the more she looked like me.

In her letters she talks about looking for people who looked like her. She is not angry and says she has had a good life, and very happy I found her. Her friends are supportive and she tells them all that 'my birth mother found me'.I answer the many questions she has; she said the pieces are coming together about her life. I am extremely grateful that you and your team had a major, major part in this reunion.

Sonya's life seems busy and full. She does teach in the Public School System in Los Angeles. I have another granddaughter, she is 9 yrs. old and a fifth grader.

I have had a roller coaster of emotions from total elation to depressing guilt. They do pass. When I remember I have to forgive myself for a decision that was made over 40yrs ago it not so devastating. I hope this is normal and I'lll be OK as the face to face meeting arrives.

Thank your team very much for a successful reunion. I will send pictures when we are all together.



"Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity."