Subject: First Meeting (#288877) 

OMG! What an awesome weekend. I knew Hollyn right away and she did me. I can't describe all the wonderful feelings I experienced, but now, I feel completely whole for the first time in 43 years. I love my son more thanlife itself, but he knows what an empty place I had in my heart. Thank you and all of your counterparts at Search Quest America. 

Hollyn and I have got so many features alike. Of course she is darker
complexioned than this fair freckled Irish gal, but the mouth, our hands and even our feet! Just amazing. 

My dearest friend in the whole world went with me and she said there was a young soldier working with her that she told my story to. He asked her to get a phone number so I gave her the 800# and Cape Coral address. I can only pray that he has the wonderful luck that I have had.

Sue Goff