We will definitely write a testimonial!

You were right, I did see a sense of peace. His mother has been with the same man now for 30 years, a Robert L Jordan. He has encouraged her to find James. At first, it was she was afraid of messing up his life, then she realized she didn't have any information, didn't even know where to begin.

She had shared his birth with her family, they are all so receptive to meeting James. His sister, Dorothy Gibson, told him last night...."I have never seen or heard my mother this way, she is finally completely happy". He and his sister talked for hours, the laughter and the sense of belonging I have never seen on his face....What a glorious day!!!!

We were blessed from the moment I saw Troy's show, then getting in touch and knowing that our Angel "Pam" has given James "Cricket" the greatest gift ever is just so amazing. There are no words that can ever describe the Thank You that are in our hearts. For the first time in 23 years, I know that I have all of my husband, because he is complete. 

God has certainly blessed us....


James & Anna