Hello Susan,

I wanted to tell you thank you , for the email on congratulations to me. I will always remember hearing Pam Kish's voice on the phone when she said she found my father's birth mother. I took a deep slow breath full of excitement. Then she sent me a picture of my father's birth mother and a picture of my great grandmother to . My heart is so happy just to see a picture of them was and is a wonderful feeling. Finding my fathers family after 38 long years has brought me, treasured memories and future treasured memories. I will always Recommend and Encourage those in need of your services. Search Quest America and your team holds a special place in my heart . Thank you for telling me about the sister site , reunionstories.com, I would enjoy sharing my reunion and story with the local television stations and also the outside media.. I am flying to Dallas on June 18th and visiting a week with my fathers brother Uncle Homer and my many cousins. They are planning a reunion in Tres Rios, TX they rented the Corral Hall June 22,23,24 of this year 2012. They have one every year tho Uncle Homer my fathers brother said this year is going to be a real special time introducing me to the family, They didn't know their mother, Jimmie, had my father at the age of 20 and was married to Lee Brown . Well they do now and are happy. Thank God. Looking forward to talking to you Susan. Thank you for all the thoughtful ways you give from your heart.

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