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Dear Susan------

I just wanted to give you an update on our upcoming Family Reunion.

First of all, my brother Michael (Avila) and I talk for at least an hour every night! And I talk to my mom, sister and first cousin Amy (I call her my sister, too) at least 3 times a week.

My husband Jerry and I are planning to drive out to see my family on Friday April 2nd and we will be returning to home (Phoenix) on Monday, April 5th. We had originally planned on the reunion this month but my mother was scheduled to have cataract surgery on both eyes this month and then we were scheduled to have visitors during the last 2 weeks of this month, so the timing just didn't work. But April 2nd is coming and we are all just COUNTING the days!

I cannot begin to tell you the impact that this event of finding my family has had on all of our lives. It is the fulfillment of a dream for me and the finding of the "lost piece of the puzzle" for my mom and rest of the family. I have become incredibly close to my brother, Michael. It is as if we share the same heart and soul. Our interest and habits, our love for animals and our degree of compassion is so incredibly matched. We feel the same degree of joy and the same degree of love. It is a magical and inspirational bond that will never be broken again between all of us.

And I have you folks to thank for this. You folks worked nothing short of a Miracle. And I just want you to know that all of you will forever be in my prayers and considered a part of my family. My husband and I have been so incredibly blessed. You may know this already, but my husband was married before and his son was given up for adoption because my husband and his first wife simply were too young to have been able to provide for their baby. And his son found us about 2 1/2 years ago. What a blessing this was for us as we gained a son, his wife and 2 grown grandkids. And now this reunion on my side----what are the chances of such a blessing happening twice!! 

I will continue to keep you updated as things progress. I am living proof that Miracles do happen

Best wishes always,
Linda Norgren

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Hi Family Members at Search Quest:

Dearest Patricia and Everyone at Search Quest America:

I just wanted to give you all an update on the latest "happenings" regarding me and my family. Its almost impossible to express in words what you and your incredible organization have done for me and my family. My husband Jerry and I drove to Ontario, CA on Good Friday for the long awaited union/reunion and it was beyond belief! There were many tears of Joy and LOTS of Hugs---(we are all "huggers"). And it only got better from there. We met so many friends of my family, too. And my brother, Michael, who is a hairdresser, had of course shared all of our news and updates with all of his long-time clients and co-workers. So on Saturday we made a short trip to the salon where he works and they surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses and a cake, which we shared with everyone---what a wonderful group of people--and yes, lots more HUGS!! These sweet people are just like an extended family to me now. One of the clients, who knows my mother, said I look more like my mother than my younger sister, Sharon--WOW!!! So, needless to say, we had a fantastic visit with my family and new friends. On the way home (on Monday) my husband and I were talking in the car and Jerry made the remark that he had not known what to expect, but that the whole experience has been far better then he had every dreamed. And get this, my husband is Swedish, and my first cousin, Amy (she's become my "second sister"!)--her husband is Swedish and Norweigan--and loves old cars and computers and guns---just like my hubby! 

So how can I possibly say "thank you" for such an incredible gift--the gift of a fresh start, the gift of being united with a family that never forgot about me and I had always been in their hearts? You see, my cousin (my "second sister") Amy remembers hearing about a baby girl that was "given away", but in those days, such things were never talked about, but she knew in her heart and carried that burden for so many years because she was sure I was out there somewhere. And Michael, my brother, apparently my mother had told him about me when he was 10 years old and made him absolutely promise never to talk about it. And so he knew, and he never forgot, but he had absolutely no information so he just kept the secret and the burden that came with the secret. And my mother--a mother's love is never ending. She gave the ultimate gift to both me and my adoptive parents.

Well, must go for now. Once again, thank you and all of you will be a part of our family forever! And I will keep you updated on events as they happen.

Love always,
Linda Norgren and Family