Good Evening, Pam!
Not that long ago, I sent you an email as a result of emotions running high and complete frustration.  I'm happy to say that this evening's email is of an opposite nature…  

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you are heavily on my mind.  As I think back over the year, it's been by far one of the most amazing journeys I've had in a long time (aside from my children and my husband, of course!).   My first memory is just few days after my 4th birthday and I was lying down in the back of a station wagon and coloring, being driven from Pleasant Hills Children's Home to Corpus Christi, TX.  God is amazing, because I believe that's where my life truly began.  From that point on, I was loved, treated well and safe.  
I've spent my entire life thinking that I wasn't wanted (until my adoption, that is).  I had very little information on the first 4 years of my life.  Imagine my surprise to find out that people had been searching for me for 25 years!!  I was given up for my protection and for my well being.  I've been reunited with the grandmother that took me to the home, a half sister (same mom), and will soon meet aunts, uncles and cousins…  some of which remember me and some that just knew about me.  I couldn't have asked for a bigger gift.  I have pictures of my biological mom and her twin sister.  I now know what happened to my biological dad.  And while it's unlikely that Ann will ever be a part of my life again, I know my story now.  I know where I came from, who wanted me, why it was a risk for anyone who knew my biological mom (and her twin) to keep me, what I was like and how I interacted with people.   I feel complete - and I have YOU to thank for that. 
Pam, you've given me such a gift.  Words cannot express my gratitude for your endless efforts.  Honestly, I thought I had a case that no one would be able to crack…  I'm so sorry I doubted you.  As I look back at the maze of incorrect information and the aliases, I'm astonished that you were able to put the pieces together and give me back the 4 years that I so desperately needed.  Your record remains untarnished - you are truly amazing.  The family I've reunited with has welcomed us (my husband, our 3 kids and myself) with open arms.  We all have answers, closure, shared stories and a new beginning.  This thanksgiving and always, I will be thankful for you.  You made this possible and while thank you doesn't seem like enough, I have to say it again…  thank you so much, Pam!
I will be adding my story to the reunion site - I just need more time to gather my thoughts and process everything.  Attached is a picture of me with my sister (I call her Angie) and my grandmother (Shirley).  
God bless, Pam!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Melanie Wambach