Hello Team SQA,

I believe my wife sent you some pictures of my visit to Chicago. I just wanted to follow up with a special thank you for your assistance. This has been a tremendously satisfying experience. 

Connecting with my sisters has left me emotionally drained in a very good way. I couldn't have asked for a greater reception than I received from them. In addition to them, their mom was equally excited to meet and get to know me. I also met several first and second cousins and one special aunt (Aunt Sylvia).

Turns out the majority of my father's brothers and sisters moved to California in the early 70s, so I have many relatives out there. I'm torn between taking my family to L.A. in the summer or up to Chicago.

I'm thinking Chicago will win out because I'm more interested in being with my sisters. They are two special women who I have come to love dearly.

Thanks again.