Dear Susan,

I just want say "Thank: you" because I can not find any other words to
truly express the happiness that has been brought into my life , The finding of my son is one of the greatest gifts that I ever received. 

It all happened so fast and with such grace that it still does not seem real. I still sit down every once in a while to shed a few tears and to try to grasp it all.

My son has flown from Washington to Oklahoma to meet with us. We spent
magical days together. We now have tickets to fly out there to meet the rest of the family.

Again, thank you so very much for all you have done. Norma and yourself have been wonderful to work with. I have called other web sites and felt like I had called a used car lot, but working with you has been a very positive experience.

The decision to find someone is a very emotional decision and needs to be treated as such - thank you.



Hi Susan,

I simply want to bring you up-to-date. Mark and I have been emailing, texting, and talking since the day he called, the 10th of September. And now we are picking him up Monday at the Tulsa airport.

I am absolutely living a fairy tale! It is absolutely unreal. 

I am so very excited, nervous, and all other emotions you can name in anticipation of his visit. I have been cooking and getting the house ready, but mostly going around in circles!!!!

Thank you again so very much for everything. I hope you have many more reunions like this one.

Sincerely - Karen