Hi Search Quest,

First off I want to thank you so much for your good work.

I called Robert, who goes by Ken, right after you gave me his number. He was slow to remember me but after a few conversations he did remember our encounter.

He was and remains very receptive to his new family member. He made a
connection between loosing his son and finding this daughter. It made me feel good that he felt solace in that way. Ken does not do email but he has enlisted a friend to do emailing for him so we have been in contact in that way. He and our daughter have exchanged pictures. He is eager to talk with her and she is taking her time about it. I encouraged her to do things in her own time.

My daughter has a close friend who had a similar experience with her own father. This helps a lot since everyone else is just guessing about what it might be like to meet a parent for the first time as an adult.

I am very pleased with the process as well as the outcome of this search. Thank you so much.Llet me know if there is any follow up or anything else that is required.