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Dual Thanks from Mike and Ginny


Posted By : Susan Friel-Williams
2 March 2010From Mike:Dear Searchquest,I am writing this in conjunction with my birthmother Ginny, and first would like to thank Searchquest and Patty for the outstanding job they did in handling the search process for me.Patty was relentless in her leads, and handled the first contact between my mother and me with the highest level of professional ... Read More

Mike's Thanks and Update


Posted By : Susan Friel-Williams
Hello Team SQA,I believe my wife sent you some pictures of my visit to Chicago. I just wanted to follow up with a special thank you for your assistance. This has been a tremendously satisfying experience. Connecting with my sisters has left me emotionally drained in a very good way. I couldn't have asked for a greater reception than I received ... Read More