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A Thank you from Katie!


Posted By : Susan Friel-Williams
A Thank you from Katie!Hi, Patty. You helped me find Mark and Kathleen over a year ago. Not sure if you remember, but we petitioned the courts and they opened my records in just hours. I think it might have been a speed record! It's been a wonderful journey getting to know these people over the past year. Kathy and I finally met in person this week, she just left this mo ... Read More

Pete's Thanks


Posted By : Susan Friel-Williams
Thank you David G. David from SQA did what I believe to be an amazing job finding my birthmother. He worked for 5-6 months with very little information. His research and investigative skills are remarkable. I now know who my birthmother is, I’ve received a note of appreciation from her for contacting her and may even meet her in 2015. She see ... Read More