Good Morning Susan,

Since I last talked to you I have had phone contact with Shannon several times. She and her husband were in Indiana until just before Christmas when they finall got their new tractor/trailer rig and headed for Southern California through Phoenix. They arrived in Phoenix late Christmas and stayed about 48 hours before heading to Southern California. Since they were not in Phoenix very long I did not fly down to meet with Shannon. She and Jim are now in Memphis, TN unloading their trailer and then heading to their next destination. I don't call her daily as I don't want to overwhelm her; she has my phone numbers but hasn't called me. We did have a great 2 hour conversation the Saturday after I first called her. Shannon said she should have some down time in May and we will try to get together then unless something else happens and we can sooner. I plan on calling her every week just like I do her brother Rob. That way she knows I am thinking about her and want to have a friendship. 

Her sister who was also adopted if upset that her mother hasn't found her and is mad because I found Shannon. She and Shannon do not have a really great relationship according to Shannon which is too bad.

I want to thank you for your help in finding my daughter. Rob and Sharon says she sounds like me on the phone and they are also anxious to meet her. Shannon loves cats and I told her she got that from me. When we finally get to meet I think our relationship will change and not be so strained; I'm not always sure if I'm saying the right thing but she needs to know she has always been and always will be loved and wanted. She does not have any anger or anomosity towards me for giving her up. I was able to explain why I did and she told me she had wonderful parents who gave her the care, love, discipline and family I could not provide. She also knew she was adopted from about the age of 12 and her mom always told her I was young and did what was best for her, which is right.

I will let you know what happens and send pictures when I get some. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God Bless you and you go about His work.

Thank you,