Hi Patricia----

I just wanted to update you on the amazing results of reuniting me with my biological family. It has been such a blessing. My brother Michael, and myMom, and my "Aunt" Mary (very good friend of my Mom's) are now living only 1 street south of us, and about 6 houses down the street! Everything has worked out just great. We are so hhhhaaappppppyyy!

We see each other at least 4 times a week, talk on the phone at least once a day, have weekend dinner get-togethers, and tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate 2 birthdays---My hubby Jerry's 69th birthday, and Aunt Mary's 78th birthday.

Everything worked out beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. Michael found a job within 3 days of moving to Phoenix, the house they are renting is such a cute place and has a nice big privacy fence for their 2 small dogs. It has all been such a blessing for all of us. And Friday, February 3rd is our 2nd Family Reunion! I wish all of you from Search Quest America could be here to celebrate, but we will be thanking you all in our own special way.

You and Seach Quest America have made such a profound, blessed and
immeasurable impact on so many families, and my family is one of those
blessings you performed.

Also, is Troy's TV show, The Locator, still on TV? I have not been able to find it for sometime now, so I was just wondering.

Thanks again from ALL of my family.

You and Search Quest America will never been forgotten!