Adam Hansen September 27, 2010 at 3:50am

Subject: Update on reunion with Colleen B. O'Donnell

Dear Susan,

I just thought that it's been quite some time since we spoke that day back in November '09, and thought you'd appreciate an update. 

It has been an amazing journey getting to know my biological mother, and her family. I've been blessed to meet my younger siblings (Laura, Jen, and Sean) and her husband Bob. 

My wife was very protective of me, and very unsure of my 'new' family. It took almost 8 months for Sarah (my wife) to even say Colleen’s name in kindness. 

What made her understand, I believe, was when she became pregnant with our first child (due any day now). I believe she has grown closer to me because of my quest to find my mother. We talk more, we share our thoughts more openly, and in all honesty, it taught me how to be a better husband. 

It has been wonderful to have my parents meet my ;-) I refer to those who raised me as my parents, and call Colleen…. well, Coll.

The most difficult part was understanding and creating boundaries. I have many hobbies and work many hours, and it was hard to find a balance between spending time fishing, or watching the Sabres game, or spending time with my wife, or spending time with Colleen's family. 

The past 10 months has prepared me to understand that love HAS no boundaries. It passes through time, through difficulties, through gifts, and through debts. It has been the best gift given to me through you and your cause. 

Sometime soon, I think I'm going to attempt to contact my biological father's family. I have the support of Colleen, her husband, siblings, and my wife and parents as well. I think I'll wait till after my daughter is born, and things quiet down.

I understand that there is never a good time, but there is no reason to stir the pot just yet.

Thank you Susan, for helping me find myself.