My daughter hired Search Quest America to find my birth mother for me. I was born and adopted in New York City and it is very very difficult to find out any information in New York. I knew the name of the adoption agency in New York. After obtaining a copy of the redacted adoption file for the investigator Julie and furnishing it to her, she located my still-living birth mother in Staten Island, New York within a week! Unfortunately, at first, my birth mother denied being my mother to the investigator when she called her on the phone. However, I have two living half-sisters who I have since contacted, and they jointly confronted my birth mother, who then admitted she was my mother to them. I have not met them yet, and am told that my birth mother does not want to meet me, but my sisters have expressed interest in meeting me. I am very grateful to Search Quest for their hard work and diligence in resolving a long standing question that I have always wanted answers to. I highly recommend this company if you are searching for someone. They get results! 

Barbara Saldana