Carol's Blessed ChristmasChristmas 2014 is truly a Blessed Christmas!  This Christmas, I know who my biological father is and I now have 2 more half-brothers. 

Thank you Search Quest America Inc., and my investigator, Stephanie!  They found my biological father; once they had the correct spelling for his last name.  Months of research went into the search due to the incorrect spelling; therefore, they used my DNA to search numerous DNA data bases.  Once they matched me with my biological father’s cousins, they were then able to find the correct spelling of his last name (on family trees) and then find my bio-father.

As a child, I would ask my mother if I was adopted, as I looked different than the rest of my family.  She would become very upset and cry.  Twenty (20) years ago, my Dad (who raised me) told me that he was NOT my biological father.  He told me the story behind his statement, the name of my bio-father, and told me that this man did not know I existed.  It was so good to finally know the truth, a truth that my mother did not want me to know.

I had breast cancer 7 years ago (July 2007) with 2 types of cancers involved and that spread to my lymph nodes.  Chemotherapy and radiation put me in remission.  Last July, 2014, I was diagnosed again with breast cancer.  This time, I had double mastectomies which showed 3 new types of cancers.  My oncologist said that this is indicative of inherited cancers and I was sent to a geneticist.  I was encouraged by my oncologist and geneticist to find my biological father and a family medical history since my mother’s side, had no cancer.  This was the motivation I needed to start searching for my bio-father.

My biological father is 94 and still living; although, very ill.  I have made contact with his wife who gave me a medical history of his family.  Unfortunately, the cancer link I was searching for was not there.  One of their son’s, is anxious to meet me and my family.  My half-brothers, whom I was raised with, are excited for me.  My husband and children, are also very happy for me as they know how long I have wondered who my biological father was and where he was from.

Thank You Search Quest America, for being so diligent and finding my biological father. 

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Carol A.