After working with Search Angels for over 10 years and acquiring my birth name, I decided I needed to take my search to a higher level.  I hired Susan and Search Quest America to help locate my birthmother and birthfather.  This emotional journey went on for more than a year.  

Just last month, Susan called to discuss their progress.  I told Susan that I had given up and for them to move on to someone else's case.  Susan affirmatively and confidently said, "NEVER GIVE UP"!  Four weeks later, I was awakened one early morning by Susan telling me they had found my birthmother.  One week later, SQA found my birthfather.  

I have met my birthmother and frequently speak with my birthfather who lives in another state.  We plan to meet soon.  Search Quest America and Susan have changed the course of my life and I will be forever grateful to them.  The fee that was paid for the search is a pittance compared to the amazing information I have received about my birth families, history and birth story.   I have spent time getting to know my birthmother and it has been an adventure!   As an adoptee, Susan is sensitive, caring and understanding.  She listened while I shared my feelings about the search and offered advice and suggestions.  What an amazing business and group of qualified and wonderful searchers.  I HIGHLY recommend Search Quest America to adoptees, birth mothers/fathers or anyone who is searching for someone.  SQA and Susan will "never give up"!

Erica H.
Houston, TX