I’m Lesli.  I am a birth mother and I hired Search Quest America to locate my son.  I found a site on the internet and was going to work with them.  After they learned that I had my son in California and he was placed for adoption in Washington they informed me that they would not be able to help me because their data bases do not have information regarding adoptions out of state.  I was then referred to Search Quest.

When I contacted Search Quest, the process was very easy and quick!  The contract was just a few pages and the fee was very reasonable.  I had non-identifying information about my son’s adoptive parents and I forwarded that information along with the signed contract.  Susan was the investigator I worked with and she was able to use that information to locate my son.

I understand this process can take months maybe even years.  Susan was able to focus on the information given about the adoptive parents to link them to my son.  After a couple of days Susan was able to give me information about my son’s adoptive parents, their names, where they were from and even my son’s and his wife’s name.  The next day she had a phone number for my son’s adoptive father.  Susan had asked if I minded that she talk to him and let him know that I was looking for his son, my son and see if he would give her my son’s contact information. However she later changed her mind and the next day she had located my son’s wife’s phone number and called her.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  When Susan was talking to her she had plans to meet my son in just a few minutes. 

When she told my son about her phone call with Susan, he did not believe it since he did not know he was adopted.  He called his adoptive father to ask if he was adopted and his adoptive father denied that he is adopted.  My son then called Susan and said he was not adopted and Susan read the letters I had forwarded to her with the non-identifying information about my son’s adoptive parents.  There was also some information about my son in the letter as well.  After she read him the letter, he was able to believe it.  He them asked if he could call me and Susan said she would give me his contact information so that I could call him. 

I had first contacted Susan on Monday and by Thursday afternoon, she gave me my son’s and his wife’s cell phone  numbers.   I called him that day after work.  It was very surreal for me as I dreamed of this day since the day I let him go.  After we spoke we exchanged pictures we exchanged pictures.  We both were able to see the resemblance.  He looks a lot like me and my other son.  We both were excited and couldn’t wait to meet each other.  His wife was excited as well. 

Sunday, I flew to Washington and spent the day with my son Quincy, my daughter-in-law Richelle and grandson Keyaunu.  It was an amazing day!  Since he did not know that he was adopted he had no idea of his heritage.  I am Chamorro and he didn’t know what that was.  I had made plans to take my 2 other sons to Guam in April and Quincy and Richelle will be going as well!  This is truly a dream come true!  Thank you, Susan!