Hi Search Quest America,

I wanted to let you know that my son Jeff and I just spent the most amazing 2 days of our lives together this past weekend. Jeff flew from Colorado to Seattle to our home here in Lake Chelan (This was after a couple of emails and a 5 hour telephone conversation). It felt as if we had never been separated.

We both agreed that because of the professionalism of Search Quest of
America every step seemed logical and right. We both always felt that you followed what we wanted, kept us calm and helped us get to the step of contact. 

Please let whomever at Search Quest you report to know that we are very,very happy. We will never be separated again and will be seeing each other again in January. This time my husband Greg and I are going to his neighborhood. Our families are thrilled and there was not one single problem or issue for any of them except when do we get to meet him and her????

I enclosed some pictures of our reunion. As you can see, we are very, very happy. Thank you all for helping to close the hole we've had in our hearts for a very long time.

The best to you for the holidays, ours certainly will be special.


Linda (and Jeff)