Wow Im still so excited that two members David Guentner and supervisor Susan Friel Williams assisted by such great staff was amazing in their care and dedication and drive to locate my half brother John and even possibly a sister Maria so wow Im Michael 60 had pretty much had roadblocks for years in tryin to find my roots and when first with Search Quest America in July 2012 remember somewhat discouraged when team player was less than motivated and we seemed nowhere close to anyleads , I spoke with Susan and she assured she'd look into my case and see what results she could attain, and low and behold on the scene comes David Guentner and he was so very focused and working so many angles and ship registries and marriage licenses and his follow up and excellent skills at multi task running one person but then searching others  at the same time , till he connected Birth records to marriages to even half brother John accompanys mother Mary on ship so all the records matched so skillfully where David confident in his dynamic work but still saying just lets check one more dot and so forth ! I totally admire the personal and professional touch these two exhibited was such and still is a comfort to me as we relish in another tuff  find for these dynamic folks that handle our lives with grace and dignity ! I will be meeting my half-brother this coming weekend and since sister Maria is in England we will try "Skype" and so Im so very excited , I cant stop saying David and Susan hearfelt thanks and your modest fees far our weigh your excellent skills and results I am in your great appreciation always and will keep you all informed ,,

Sincere thanks ,


you guys are awesome and I will never forget you two !