My name is Ronda.

My mom is adopted and was on Internet registries for several years. She always felt there was a missing piece in her life. She had a life changing event happen in 2011 and thought it was time to search for her roots. She was 51 at the time.
Mom started with getting my non-identifying information on her birth family and went from there. She had contacted other search and reunion companies and they wanted $2800 and $2300 for what she later found out was for a piece of paper with names for HER TO CALL. So she waited, She was doing ancestry on her adoptive family and posted on a message board about being adopted and got a response to make her first contact with a group online. She got mom's birth name but that was not enough. Mom was still wanting more. She got a referral to call a woman named Susan at Search Quest America and one of the first things Susan asked for was moms non-Id. She sent her a copy, Susan verified the name mom had been given, was in fact, mom. She asked a few questions, and said to give her some time. A few weeks later, she called and said "I found them" and here is their names and phone numbers. Search Quest America is awesome. Worth every cent. !!!

If you are looking for someone... Go with Search Quest America.

Ronda H.

Sevierville, TN