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(SQA CEO Susan Friel-Williams is interviewed in this book)

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Whose Child? : An Adoptee's Healing Journey from Relinquishment through Reunion ... and Beyond
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Triad, 2000. ISBN 0967414504.


The excellent reading list above was compiled by Concerned United Birth Parents and SQA would like to thank both CUB and the authors listed for their excellent understanding of adoption triad issues.


Some of our personal favorites that are not listed in the above list are:

Love Lost and Found
by Carolyn Campbell, International Locator (Author)
Available at

"Reunited: True Stories of Long Lost Siblings Who Find Each Other Again" by Carolyn Campbell (Author)

Together Again: True Stories of Birth Parents and Adopted Children Reunited (Paperback)
by Carolyn Campbell (Author)

Lost and Found: The Guide to Finding Family, Friends, and Loved Ones
Troy Dunn (Author)
Available at

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating, 2nd Edition
by Steven Kerry Brown
Available at

We hope you enjoy these books!

Susan E. Friel-Williams
The Staff at Search Quest America