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What's wrong with my OBC?

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Every day we hear from adoptees make the statement, “If I had my Original Birth Certificate I wouldn’t need to hire a PRO to help me find my birth family.  That’s a pretty common assumption in the adoption community.  However I’d like to enlighten a few of you who feel that way based on what we know ‘historic ... Read More

When an adoptee SHOULD NOT Search!

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There comes a point in each adoptee's life when they begin to contemplate starting a search for their biological family.  Some adoptees start their search as soon as they legally can, others may wait until their mid-twenties or thirties or beyond.  Adult adoptees search for many reasons.  Identity, genetic and familial information, m ... Read More

Drawing the Line: Ethics in Search vs. marketing Investigative Services

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We’re often asked at, why we ‘will not’ accept a search for a potential client even through that party is very willing to sign a contract and pay for the search. The primary answers to that question are personal and company ethics, but I’ll explain my reasoning on the subject in the following paragraph ... Read More