What you may know (but don’t recognize as important) can save you a lot of Money?

I cannot tell you how often the team at Search Quest America talks to potential clients who feel that their search is going to cost ‘thousands’ because that’s what they’ve heard search services cost, or because they have talked to ‘another’ search service provider and that’s what they were quoted. 

Our standard search service prices range from ‘research fees’ which could be just a few dollars, to the average of between $595.00 and 1499.00 depending on:

1.      The state the birth and adoption occurred in.

2.      What you ‘already’ know about your adoption.

3.      Whether or not you already have non-identifying information.

4.      Do you know your name at birth OR your birth mother’s name?

5.      If non-adoption related, what do you know about the target of your search?

6.      Make sure that your 'pro' team is a licensed and bonded investigative agency willing to provide

         refferals from past clients.  If your case is 'adoption' related, make sure the agency has personal

         ties to adoption search and reunion issues.


The more you know, the less expensive your search will be!  That is why it’s critical that you don’t withhold information when you are speaking to your search consultant for the first time.  When in doubt, ask of we can do ‘research’ for you and not the complete search if you just need ‘help’ and not full search services.

We were recently contacted by a gentleman living in Puerto Rico who had successfully conducted his own search, but who was afraid that the language accent might through off his attempted contact with his biological sisters.  Although born in upstate New York, he spoke with a distinctly Hispanic accent.  After speaking to ‘another’ search service provider he did not feel confident with what they offered and called Search Quest America to just ‘ask’ if first contact calls are something we can do.  They are, and within two days he had successfully connected with his sisters!

We were also speaking with an adoptee recently who knew her birth mother’s first name and date of birth.  We were able to inexpensively provide her with a list of possibilities to work with, and she was ultimately successful in finding and contacting her biological mother using the information we provided to her.

In another instance a young man was looking for his father named ‘Tom’ and all he knew was the location of his father at the time of the birth AND the name of his mother’s best friend at the time.  That best friend remembered the information about the father and contact is currently pending. 

My point is, before you ‘discount’ hiring a professional agency, actually pick up the phone and consult with them regarding your search and information.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results! Search Quest America offers free case evaluations!