The rock group QUEEN penned a song once that made the round of sporting events, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, and every time I participate in or read of the success of family members finding each other through DNA research, those lyrics replay in my head and remind me that adoptees ‘are’ a resourceful group of dedicated researchers who will overcome sealed records laws and prove them unnecessary and outdated with successful family reunification.

There is a quiet little revolution gaining momentum in the adoption search community that you may not be aware of, unless you are an adoptee searching for family or hooked on genealogy. 

Adult adoptees from sealed records states are discovering, and yes, reuniting with biological family members without the assistance, state or agency approval or access to original birth certificates  from ‘sealed records states’.   And yes, even without factual non-identifying information.  How are they doing this a casual observer might ask?  Well, DNA does not lie!

 This whole new scientific ‘ah ha take that movement’ is enough to bring delighted smiles to those of us who have watched friends and family struggle for decades to find out the most prevailing question for many adoptees, which is ‘who am I?’ 

Let’s share some of our successful connects as examples!

Helen Tucker contacted Search Quest America last year to locate her biological mother.  While the search was completed successfully, unfortunately Helen’s biological mother was deceased.  She did successfully reunite with Lorraine’s second daughter, Lori, who was thrilled to find she had a sister.  Since that reunion, Helen, working with advice and encouragement from CEO Susan, has against all odds successfully reunited with her unnamed biological father’s family, who promptly welcomed her into the fold.

Joann DeVita, in search of her birth parents, started her search in 2010 on her own. In 2014 she contacted Search Quest America. We quickly located a potential as a birth mother, but when contacted she denied any relationship. Joann went on to do DNA testing and was fortunate enough to have a first cousin match on Ancestry DNA. Again our New York Genetic Genealogist worked through numerous combinations and family trees, and Joann was successfully reunited with her paternal side, only to confirm that our original first mother candidate was correct. Just look at how much Joann looks like her biological father. There is no doubting this connection.

Micah R, a New York adoptee, was born in NYC with the surname Miller which is the 7th most common surname in the United States, but his search was further complicated by the fact that his biological mother came from a southern state to have him.  His non-identifying information contained the fascinating fact that his African American family had overcome educational barriers and all of his birth mother’s siblings had graduated from college, an amazing accomplishment for a southern family in the south from the 1960’s.  Using this information, the DNA results obtained for the client, and much research, our NY Genetic Genealogist was successfully able to reunite Micah with his siblings.

For an adoptee who has never known their ethnicity or who has never met or seen another soul who is genetically related to them, DNA testing can be an eye opener.  The emotions you experience the first time that you see the number of people who ‘are’ family, distant or not, is overwhelming.  Imagine not knowing, and then, one day your results are complete and your family chart looks like this.I was certainly amazed to find out just how many people I was related to.

My advice for first parents hoping to be found, or siblings in search of each other who have been separated by adoption, strongly consider DNA Testing.  You never know exactly when that magic match will occur, but it cannot happen if your DNA is not on file waiting for some lucky family member to match.

A word of advice for adoption agencies, state’s with sealed OBC access and any other entity who denies access to information to adoptees.   As more people test, we will soon all be able to locate our original family members without your permission, your approval or your blessings.  Would you rather work with us to find our answers, our identity, our medical history, or continue to deny over eight million people the right to our own information.  Your choice, your decision – make the right choice.