Vote If you are a reunited adoptee or an adoption triad member still in search it pays to keep an eye on upcoming state legislation regarding adoption reform.  The following states are in the process of either forming groups to tackle legislation, or they’ve drafted a bill and have sponsors.  If you know of any other state not mentioned here with something in progress please contact us so we can inform our subscriber list.  Activists Unite!


If we have any activists who would like to take part in a new effort in FLORIDA for OBC access, please join.  Also, it would help tremendously if you either live in or were placed through an adoption in Florida.  Thank you for your interest.


We are the voices of HEAR (Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records)—a group dedicated to equal access to original birth certificates (OBCs) for Indiana’s Adoptees. Our goal is banish the secrecy and shame surrounding closed Indiana adoptions, by encouraging the Indiana State Legislature to end the legacy of the “closed records era” in this 2015 session. It would mean that those who were adopted during Indiana’s closed records period—1941 through 1993—would have the right to obtain their birth records and original birth certificate, just like Hoosiers adopted after 1993 can. We are a movement of adult adoptees, birth/first parents, adoptive parents and adoption placement professionals dedicated to helping everyone touched by adoption find heritage, history and healing. Join us, by telling us your search story, donating, writing your legislator, or signing up for HEAR news.


A02901 Summary:
BILL NO    A02901
SPONSOR    Weprin (MS)
COSPNSR    Borelli, Mosley, Otis, Benedetto, Hooper, Titus, Goldfeder,
           Sepulveda, Ortiz, Mayer, Aubry, Pichardo, Cusick, Brindisi, Skoufis,
           Murray, Thiele, Brabenec, DiPietro, Titone, Galef, Raia
MLTSPNSR   Arroyo, Barrett, Blankenbush, Brook-Krasny, Butler, Camara, Ceretto,
           Clark, Colton, Cook, Curran, Davila, Dinowitz, Duprey, Englebright,
           Fahy, Farrell, Giglio, Gjonaj, Gottfried, Graf, Gunther, Hawley,
           Johns, Katz, Kolb, Lalor, Lifton, Lopez, Lupardo, Lupinacci, Magee,
           Magnarelli, Malliotakis, McDonald, McDonough, McKevitt, Miller,
           Montesano, Moya, Oaks, Palmesano, Palumbo, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes,
           Perry, Pretlow, Ra, Ramos, Rivera, Roberts, Robinson, Rodriguez,
           Rosenthal, Ryan, Scarborough, Schimel, Simanowitz, Simon, Skartados, Solages, Stec, Walter, Wright, Zebrowski
Add S4138-e, amd SS4138, 4138-d & 4104, Pub Health L; amd S114, Dom Rel L
Enacts Bill of Adoptee Rights clarifying language and procedures for obtaining birth certificates and medical histories of adoptees; permits an adopted adult to access certain records when they reach the age of 18; creates a contact preference to be filed by birth parents.


Missouri has a bill pending.  Find out more at: .


Montana Quick View:
Please - spread the word! Cut and paste this into your favorite social media or email service:

All hands on deck and please help! We have a bill for Adoption Reform in MT - simply put we want all people treated equally, especially adults who were adopted. They deserve access to their own original birth certificates. A hearing at the Judiciary Committee is coming up fast. Please get involved. Sign up for the mailing list! Spread the word about this issue! Read this blog for more... 

The rest of the story...
First I introduced the bill and now I welcome you to the effort to support the bill through the legislative process into due passage and finally actual law. Well, yes indeed I often do things backwards according to some. That is because I dance to my own inner drummer. It all makes sense to me. Honestly, you are lucky to have me leading the charge because of this morning's tea bag tag. It says:

"People crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Guess what... I am crazy enough to believe that soon we will not only change the MT adoption law, we will be helping change the US national standard for adoption laws and family preservation.

Adoption isn't about cutting families apart, it is about building stronger loving support and safety nets for children who then grow up to have children and grandchildren. Nobody should be punished or left out in the cold because of adoption. We can't have our people being stuck without passports nor needed medical procedures because they can't prove their history. There's obviously more, but we're keeping it simple here. 

So, welcome to my Reform MT Adoption Law list! In our work, we are building a better world with one little piece of the puzzle: Access to family heritage and medical history starting with access to one's own original birth certificate. I so appreciate your help and support and I won't bother you with a ton of requests or long messages. I have a pile of kids, a job, and other interests too. I'm doing this as a volunteer thing. No money here. No budget. I'm using tools I have as part owner of a Software Company that makes great websites (so be sure to keep me in mind for referrals or thoughts on custom programming and websites.)

AND the most important asset I have is my friends and connections who are in my life because I am the wife of a former politician and a really open person who loves to chat. We have a diverse group here. Lots of wonderful and influential people and many who are living with adoption as a part of their life story.

I don't want you to stress yourself helping me and I will not stretch myself too thin to do what I do. BUT please. DO think about this issue. Connect with the politicians. They need to hear from you. Talk to people and get them to help. Write letters to the editor. Be an activist in your own way. Call or send me an encouraging email because my own adoption story weighs on me from time to time and sometimes I feel like I'm in a vacuum of loneliness. But I always respond well to hearing others' stories. Truly I am very happy to be doing this. 

And I'm so excited for us to make some positive change!

~Beth Jaffe


We have a house bill! Help restore equal access to original birth certificates to Texas-born Adult Adoptees.

We have a house bill and should have a senate bill soon.

The text is pasted below. Cut and paste to find out the Texas legislators for your address. If you no longer live in Texas, use the address of the family court in the county of the adoption to determine the legislator because that is who has control over the documents. While they may disregard because you live out of state, it can't hurt to let them know this affects other people who now live elsewhere.

Please forward to people you know IN Texas and ask them to write letters and make phone calls to their representatives on this issue. If the reps don't have someone in their district asking for them to support HB984, then they don't care. Here is a link to sign up so you receive notification when something happens with HB984

Basically says that age 18 and over adult adoptees in Texas can obtain a noncertified copy of their OBC. There will be a six month window prior to enactment which allows birth parents to choose a contact preference form; yes, contact me; contact me thru a confidential intermediary; don't contact me.

THE ADOPTEE STILL GETS THEIR OBC. Our big push on this is that people are finding genetic relatives in very public ways on Facebook and DNA tests and releasing the OBC is the MOST private way and gives birth parents notice.

I will let you all know when we have a senate bill. Please let me know if you want to be added to the Support Texas Adoptee Rights Facebook GROUP, there is a page to "like" also. We have a meetup group and are on twitter @txadopteerights Website is being worked on and we will have an app in the next week as well.

We have been at the capitol educating the senators’ offices; the deal changer is the DNA and younger legislators and office staff. Yes, we anticipate pushback, but with 17 states already having full/partial access and seven states having bills in their legislatures this session, they can't keep us down forever!

If you can come to Austin and physically go to your senator and representatives office, that is POWERFUL! If you can come, let us know and one of us can go with you if you wish. YOUR voice is important!