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What we do and who we are

Who We Are?

Search Quest America is a licensed Private Investigation Agency (A 2800198). Our team has a stellar reputation as professional family and birth family search specialists. Search Quest’s unique search service options are the most reasonably priced in the industry. The search program we iseallows new clients the opportunity to work ‘in partnership’ with a licensed investigative team to successfully locate their missing friend or loved one.

We have an experienced team of private investigators, genealogists, DNA experts and research specialists that understand adoption search on a personal level. Our staff is uniquely comprised of adoptees, birth parents or birth family members who have successfully searched for their own missing family members and have experienced reunion first hand.

We all understand that a reunion is an ongoing process that does not happen during a first telephone call or by letter. A successful reunion takes hard work and caring hearts to begin and continue a successful relationship. Search Quest America’s goal is to reunite America two people at a time because....families ARE forever.

If you are an adoptee, or are a birth mother, birth father, or birth family member in search of a missing adoptee, please submit a request for a free evaluation of your adoption related search. One of our recently reunited clients said it best when she stated, “Finding the answer to who I am and who they are is the best thing that I have ever done!”

Although we specialize in reuniting friends and family, we offer other services that you or your firm may be interested in.

If your law firm is engaged in estate work and you are in search of missing heirs, SQA’s team may be just your answer. Talk to us about our legal services.

If your adoption agency is providing post adoptive search services to adult adoptees, we can offer special agency rates to help successfully locate the party they are searching for. Our staff is trained in intermediary program processes and we follow agency and state directives.

Search Quest America’s team is also very experienced in locating missing fathers, lost or separated mothers, siblings, or missing friends. If you have anyone missing from your life that you may wish to locate please contact our consultant team by submitting a request from the services page.